Building the future

As a commercial and multi-residential property developer, we work with clients and communities to create inspired environments. We combine the latest advances in technology while being sensitive to the unique nature of each location and the responsible use of resources.

Building on the vast experience of our parent company, we employ only the highest calibre architects, interior designers and construction companies – those who share our values and passions.

Coromandel’s logo embodies our belief in the importance of fostering long-term relationships built on trust. The monogram of the three C’s – which form a heraldic knot – represents interwoven relationships of the past, present and future. Without our past, we have no present; without our present and what we do today, we have no future. This essential circle of both life and business represents our steadfast and long-term commitment to our clients.

At Coromandel, we are dedicated to building innovative environments that are truly designed for people and to creating long-lasting value for our clients and our community.